BOG & Committees

The White Cliffs Board of Governors is comprised of one representative from each of the six condominium villages and one representative from the Single Family Homes.

The Board of Governors (BOG) meets monthly on the 4th Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in The Cliff House.  The Board encourages all owners to make every effort to attend this monthly meeting.

2019 BOG Schedule

The Annual Meeting for owners is held on the 2nd Monday of August in the Bay Dining Room.


Cliffside Paul Vaitkus
Twin Woods Roger Hatfield
Players Patricia Whalen, Clerk
Fairway Green Ray Hoefling, President
SeaCliff Larry Cuzzi, Treasurer
Twelfth Hole Tom MacKinlay
Single Family Richard Dobrowski


  • Finance Committee
    • Larry Cuzzi, Chairperson  and BOG Liaison
      Alan Isherwood
      Emil Boudreau
      John Betz
      James Emilio
  • Golf Committee
    • BOG Liaison
      David Madden
      Bill Brisson

      Blue Tee Association

      John Holmes

      Red Tee 18 Hole Association

      Debbie O'Duggan Brandon

      Red Tee 9 Hole Association

      Susan McEnany
      Couples Association Bernie & Marta Doherty
      Legends Association Ed Sore
  • House Committee
    • Patricia Whalen, BOG Liaison
      Evelyn Wolfe, Chairperson
      Becky Bryant
      Judy Griffin
      Elisabeth Schuler
      Julie Vaitkus
      Tom McEnany
  • Landscape Committee
    • BOG Liaison
      Roger Hatfield
      Chairperson Antonia Cosgrove
      Cliffside Steve Toth
      Twinwoods Sharon Magliano
      Players Richard Kinch
      Fairway Green Antonia Cosgrove
      SeaCliff Sherri Sore
      12th Hole Marge Hermanspan
      Single Family TBD
  • Recreation Committee
    •  Paul Vaitkus, BOG Liaison
       Joan Reynolds, Chairperson
       Cindy Grieve
       Bobbie McDowell
       Steve Mosely
      Dee Green (Tennis Sub-Committee)

      Tennis Sub-Committee
      Mary Sue McKenna
      Guido Schuler
      Bob Gibney
      Ann Brandeis
      Dee Green (Rec Liaison)